SAS Unlimited was launched in 1984 to build and support 'PC Compatible' computers for local businesses.  We expanded into software development, creating popular PC based business applications as well as mainframe apps.  We have been supporting PCs since 1990 and Macintosh computers since 1994. 

Our business has been based in Stevenson Ranch since 1999 and Stevenson Ranch Computers was created to offer an honest, reliable alternative to the chain store service departments at much more reasonable prices.  We offer both in-home service and pick up/drop off service.  Our pick up/drop off service has become a great success as you get the benefit of in-shop cost savings along with a no charge pick up and return service.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide to our customers.  We bring the same level of top tier support given to Fortune 500 executives to the rest of us.  At no additional cost.  Try out our service and experience the difference. 

In your home or office.  No lines, no waiting.